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Food wraps

All parcelled up
Pancakes please!
Take me anywhere

Now £6 in the sale.

Choose from a variety of designs shown here, but get in touch so I can let you know exactly what is available.




We love picnics here, so what could be better than fun, functional accessories?

Forget the clunky boxes and choose a food wrap instead!  Lightweight, with a special waterproof foodsafe PUL lining and funky outer fabric, these wraps are great for sarnies and so much more.


The wraps also open out as a makeshift plate, and when you're done, simply fold away into your pocket.


So much more compact than empty plastic boxes and great for snacks on the go, these are particularly good as a tinfoil or plastic bag substitute for those travelling light.


Outer fabric: various (specified on packaging of each wrap)

Lining fabric: 75% vinyl (proprietary formulation), 25% polyester

A cool handwash is best to prolong the life of your wrap, but they can be machine washed at 30 degrees when necessary, or the lining can simply be wiped clean between uses (with soap and water or sanitizer).

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