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Leggings 2-3 years
Leggings 4-5 years

Okay, so, we're in love with these leggings over here at Friddy HQ.  You have great options to help get the most comfortable fit if going for a custom order.

All leggings have a comfy low rise jersey waistband, so no tightness around little tummies.

Choose 'fluffy fit' bottom for cloth nappy users (up to age 4), or 'trim fit' for disposable nappies or undies.

For the leg, choose from 'relaxed leg' for a baggier, more, well, relaxed fit, or 'slim leg' for the traditional skinny legging style. (We're fans of the 'relaxed leg' in this house.  They start off more like trousers but become more snug over time as the wee one grows!)

Leg cuffs can also be added to custom makes, as can an extra inch or two if your wee one always grows out of the length of things before the width.

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