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We're so glad you've reached this page, Friddy and I.  Where's the 'buy now' button, I hear you ask... truth is - we tried it, but we'd much rather chat.  We're a wee business and prefer to make to order rather than hold back an online inventory from our regular markets.

Don't be so disheartened - we don't bite ("Unless you're made of cheese!" says Friddy).

This method of ordering also means we can get everything spot on, just for you.

Please complete and submit the enquiry form below. 

No payment will be taken at this stage.  I will provide details for a bank transfer or invoice for card payment generated by my card machine in my reply email confirmation to you.  If you don't see a reply in 1-2 days, please check your junk folder!

Thank you for supporting a small business!



Select an option (postage upgrades may be available upon request):
How would you like to pay for your order?

Thank you, we'll be in touch very soon! Check your junk folder if you haven't received an email reply within 1-2 days.

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